Popformance G.R.C – Which Type do I need?

This page is to help you figure out which type of GRC you'll need for your Z32

Question: Why are there different types? Don't I just need to know the year of the car?

Answer: There are two types of clusters that Nissan used throughout the years on the Z32. It’s hard to determine which type you need by the year of the car. Nissan used one of two different types of factory cluster based on where the car was being shipped, the time of year it was being produced, which production run the car was in, and a few other factors.

Question: Which Type do I need?

Answer: Please follow the steps below to determine which type of cluster you have.

1. Remove cluster lid by first removing the two Phillips screws underneath the cluster lid

Pull these screws Lift off Lid

2. Which top tab do you see? You may need to look through the windshield of the car to get a better idea of what cluster was used. When you first open the cluster, you will see something like this

View from Inside View From Outside through Windshield


What you really need to know to determine which type you need is summed up in these final pictures

Type A Type B
Type A Type B

Or if you want the Conventional Method on determining which type you need.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions. Even if you want to take a few pictures and send them to my email to verify what type you have, please do. Take off the Cluter lid and snap away. My email is pcproa@popformance.com. My phone number is 416-358-0230

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